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Buying Guide for 1950s Diner Chairs

Are you thinking of furnishing your home with very comfortable diner chairs this season? Here are a few simple tips as to how you can choose from a plethora of stylish and comfortable diner chairs to entertain your guests this winter.

The happy expression on the faces of your family and the guests will make up for all the home work you do successfully shopping for a quality diner chairs retro diner chair.

Remember, your retro kitchen chairs should complement your kitchen table or dining room table and other retro furniture.

Dining chairs are the main element in a successful dining experience.

Retro Kitchen tables and 50s diner chairs should be compatible to your

  • Room
  • Decor
  • Lifestyle
  • Comfort

Buying Guide for Dining Chairs

The room:
For a comfortable dining experience without getting cramped

  • Measure the dimensions of your room
  • Consider the shape of your room

The shape of your dining area determines the size and style of the chairs.

The table in the room:

Allow the following distances for comfortable movement around the table:

  • 18 to 24 inches from the table to sit down and shift chairs to the table
  • 24 to 30 inches between chairs
  • 4 to 5 feet between the table and the walls

Dimensions of the Seat:

The chairs and the table should leave ample space for the guests, children and the host to move around freely in the room.

  • The depth, height and width of the chair determines the space between the chairs, table and walls.
  • The height of the seats should complement the height of your table for a perfect fit.

Measure the distance from the underside of the table to the floor, for the clearance.

An average table measures

  • 28 inches to 30 inches with table apron
  • 25 inches from the floor

Apron is the rail that runs between the legs to support the table top.

Purchasing Swivel Club Chairs with Arms:

Club chairs with arms should not stop short of sliding under the table

  • Chairs should fit beneath the table beyond the apron
  • The distance between the table legs on both square and tables should be more than the distance between the arms of a chair to fit well

Shopping for the Tall Dining Room Chairs:

The chairs should have

  • Deeper seat
  • Taller Chair back

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