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Cantilever Table Bracket 48"

Cantilever Table Bracket 48"
Price: $177.07
Sale Price: $132.80
Savings: 25 %
Item Number: 48" Cantilever Table Bracket
Cantilever Table Brackets can only be installed on walls that are reinforced!

A 48" Cantilever Table Bracket is the perfect size table base for a table top that is between 54 inches and 60 inches. Cantilever table brackets mount permanently to the wall and the bottom of the table. Cantilever brackets make it easy for guests to slide in and out of booths. This type of attachment also makes it easy to clean under the table. Our booth table brackets come in 4 different sizes. Choose the size that is best for your application.

Cantilevers are in stock and ship in about a week.