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Counter Height Bar Stools Are Fun

Counter Height Bar Stools

Take things to the next level in your home dining area, bar or restaurant. You can even make a statement about who you cheer for with a high-quality custom logo bar stool depicting that favorite team or even with your family name or the name of your fine eating or drinking establishment emblazoned across the top and sides of the seat. We have restaurant quality logo stools that are made by hand in Chicago, Illinois, USA. These stools bring you right up to the counter or work table in style and comfort. Used in restaurants, bars, kitchens and garages around the world, we provide you with a look and a feel that will make you proud.

Take things to a higher level with counter height bar stools. The materials are second-to-none, and the comfort just can't be beat. Plus we can emblazon your team, company or any other logo right on the seat and backrest to provide you or your business with a professional look that you will be proud of.

Fan Designs: Custom Logo Bar Stool

Custom Logo Bar Stool

It's time to tell everyone who you root for or quite simply who you are with bar stools that have your corporate, family, or business identity displayed upon it. These counter height bar stools are not only comfortable and attractive, they are also incredibly easy to maintain and clean up and with our logo option, they let everyone know what you're all about.

Ordering a custom logo bar stool is easy when you do it with us. Simply email your artwork, style selection, and quantity of purchase to us and we'll do the rest. We can match your company colors to provide a design that will make you proud. Whether you're purchasing chairs, bar stools or any other custom seating we can dress it up with just the right color and design so that you can boldly make your statement.