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Great Retro Diner Table

Fantastic 50's retro makes a dining area look spectacular. With the combination of their fantastic chrome hardware and gorgeous, colorful upholstery, you just can't go wrong by brightening a kitchen or dining area with these incredibly comfortable diner chairs. Great looks go hand-in-hand with superb comfort, easy clean up and super durability. A diner table pays tribute to days gone by while offering style and functionality. Look around and find a style that suits your particular tastes.

Experience 50's-Style Diner Chairs

Diner Chairs

Experience all the comfort and style of a colorful, well-built set of these seats and you will wonder how you got by this long without them. We carry all the styles you've had your eye on at a price that just can't be beat.

  • Experience the Miss Lucy with her flowing, clean chrome lines and smooth, full seating area in a wide assortment of colors to fit in with you look.
  • Our Channel Back chair features stylish channels sewn into an attractive and comfortable back that harkens back to days at the diner.
  • Imagine your stylish diner table surrounded by friends perched upon a set of V-Back seats with their glossy good looks!
  • Tony's special is the boss among diner chairs with its contrasting colors.

Don't skimp with inferior products at more expensive prices. We know the art of creating fine seating that will make you comfortable for a long, long time. Don't forget, if you need to receive your order in a hurry for your grand opening we can accommodate you with our special "quick ship" option. All chairs and stools available with this option come in one of our six quick ship colors.