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Installation Instructions for

Permanent Mount Counter Stool Base and Table Base

There are three types of attachments available for the soda fountain stools sold at Bar Stools and Chairs. All orders must specify which type of attachment is required for your install. In order to install a Bar Stools and Chairs’ counter stool, you must have a model # WR100 counter stool wrench. We include this wrench free of charge with all soda fountain stool orders.

Type A attachment:

The type A attachment will work on any wood floor. Type A consists of a 4x4 inch heavy floor plate that screws into the wood floor. The plate is attached to a 4 inch bolt that is used to attach the stool base to the floor.

Type B attachment:

The type B attachment will work only on a wood floor that is above a basement. Type B uses a toggle bolt to hold itself to the floor. The counter stool base can then be attached to the toggle bolt.

Type C attachment:

The type C is the most common type of attachment and used for concrete floors. In order to attach type C to the cement floor you must drill a hole 4 inch deep and 1 inch in diameter with a star drill. Place bolt in hole and use Por-Rok quick drying cement to secure bolt to concrete. Refer to instruction in package of Por-Rok for drying time.

Type A                           Type B                             Type C