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Guitar Bar Stool

Many people think of the Bar Stool as solely a functional item.  Now add a swivel, and you have the Swivel Bar Stool- A creative tool for playing music, especially guitar.

A creative tip: The swivel bar stool with reinforced ring gives you the freedom to sit, rest the guitar on your knee, and take the strain of your back from the strap.

After my legs were tired time and time again while playing guitar, and my chairs blocked my elbows, I thought a guitar bar stool was the answer.  And it was.

I found a plain solid 24”swivel bar stool and have been extremely pleased with it.  I’m 5’10” and can put my feet on the floor.  I would go with the 30” Swivel Bar Stool if I was taller than 6’0.

I got it through barstoolsandchairs.  They were extremely reasonable and  prompt with delivery. 

Turns out it’s manufactured by Richardson Seating and made in the USA.               No wonder it’s so durable.  American made and the cheapest of the sites I compared.

The swivel ring bar stool with reinforced ring was perfectly level.  Made of steel.  The bar stool seat was comfortable and cushiony.    

After 5 years of enhancing my guitar playing experience, that simple Swivel Bar Stool with reinforced ring is still in perfect condition. 

At this rate, who knows how long it will last?  30 years!?

I figured I would share that simple tip with you.

I recently checked out barstoolsandchairs and it turns out they have a lot more choices now for style.

Not only can you get your standard single color (like I did), but now you can get a cool retro look of Cracked Ice Vinyl.  It’s sharp.  I checked into it and it turns out cracked ice is hard to find, but barstoolandchairs had it.

You can also get your bar stool with your favorite MLB, NFL, NBA, NASCAR, NCAA logo. Or custom designed.  That’s pretty cool.

As you mature within your guitar playing, your swivel bar stool with reinforced ring will be there with you.  

So whether you’re an aspiring guitarist, or a parental figure looking for that nurturing gift, I hope you’ve found this subtle information enhancing and a dependable time-saver.