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Retro Dining Tables: Built To Last

We offer only the best-built restaurant-quality seating and tables made in the United States of America with the highest quality materials and standards. So when you find the retro dining room furniture that you just know will make your kitchen or dining area pop with color and style, you can also be sure that it will last for many, many years to come.

Retro dining tables are making a big comeback now with the wide variety of colors and bright chrome that boasts comfort, style and utility. These great colors light up a dining area with their fantastic glossy appearance. The tough but beautiful vinyl upholstery is completely customizable depending upon your personal color scheme demands.

People Love Retro Dining Room Furniture

Retro Dining Room Furniture

Let's face it, whether you are designing your home dining area, kitchen or bar, lounge furniture or a commercial dining room, you really want just one thing: happy, comfortable and satisfied guests. These top-quality retro dining tables not only look sleek and stylish, they are actually very comfortable.

All of our seating offers a super-resilient seating foam that contours to your body and returns to its original shape immediately, retaining its strength and firmness. Our seating vinyl comes in any style and color you wish with patterns like Cracked Ice and Naugahyde Zodiac. We also offer a variety of seating finishes from a single piece of vinyl that is pulled over the foam to covers constructed of several parts. And, in the true style of retro dining room furniture, we offer stylish channeling, colored buttons and vinyl piping along with V-Back inserts that dress up your chairs.