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Settings for Bar Stools

Bar stools are stools, typically with a foot rest and swivel, that are designed for seating in a public house or bar, because of their height and narrowness. Bar stools are commonly used as spectator chairs in billiard halls and pool halls.

Bar stools are becoming more popular in homes for the kitchen counter or the home bar because

  • Of their varied styles
  • They accentuate the theme of a home
  • They allow a higher view when eating, drinking, or socializing
  • They add to the atmosphere
Types o f Bar stools:
  • Wood bar stools or Metal bar stools
  • Bar stools with or without armrests, back, and padding on the seat surface
  • Of basic designs
  • Of extremely intricate design
  • With a custom height for the perfect fit
  • Extra tall bar stools and extra short bar stools
  • Indoor bar stools
  • Outdoor bar stools
  • Floor mounted stools on a column
  • Stools with legs secured to the floor through metal angles
  • Swivel and floor mounted bar stools for business houses
Floor mounting bar stools renders the stool less likely to be
  • Moved
  • Damaged
  • Easy to clean
The normal seat height for a
  • Bar stool is 30&quote;
  • Stool against kitchen counters is 26&quote;
  • Stools for pub tables are 30&quote;
  • Dining chair seat height is 18&quote;
Bar stools are highly versatile and create great interiors:
  • Rattan or bamboo stools create a Tiki bar effect
  • The retro styling of the fifties and sixties is great for commercial premises
  • Chrome and vinyl stools combined with matching benches or diner chairs are great for creating a retro look
  • Stacking and matching stools are for their space saving qualities for commercial houses
Choice of material for stools depends on their use:
  • Wood is a popular choice for traditional Indoors settings