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Comfort and Quality: Upholstered Lounge Chair

Upholstered Lounge Chair

Experience the ultimate in comfort and fashionable seating. Put some swivel under your guests as they enjoy the finest in many styles of upholstery vinyl available through our site. We offer hundreds of choices in colors and textures for upholstered club chairs. Plus our American craftsmen will assemble your custom seating with skill, leaving you with furniture that will weather the harshest conditions.

Choosing great seating is easy with our buying guide. Whether you're looking for an upholstered lounge chair, fountain stool, a set of diner chairs, NFL or other logo designs or anything else, start with us to ensure you get the product your guests will love.

Upholstery Vinyl: Seat Finish Matters

Follow these simple steps to locate the products that work best to suit your style and price range:

  • Match your company or home dining area colors to our large online vinyl selection to guarantee the best match.
  • Choose the seating finish that best matches the theme of your dining area.
  • Every upholstered lounge chair comes with options in channeling, button color and piping color.
  • Choose whether you would like to go with the V-back insert - a great retro touch!
  • It doesn't stop with upholstery vinyl - don't forget to take a look at our frame and upper finishes.
  • When ordering diner tables, be sure to consider the type of table laminate that will suit your needs.
  • Soda fountain stools have their own options including: footrests, bell color, column finish, floor attachments, and back post finish.

We bring it all together for great diner tables and seating. Don't forget - we offer free ground shipping to the 48 contiguous states.