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Bar Stools vs Counter Stools

Often times I am asked what is the difference between a bar stool and a counter stool.  I have worked with barstools and counter stools all my life.  You would think I might know the difference.  At the factory we usually refer to a counter stool as the type of stool that attaches permanently to the ground in front of a counter at a diner or a restaurant.  We refer to a bar stool as any type of stool that ends up in a bar.  I guess it is just that simple.  We also refer to a counter stool as any stool that goes in front of a parts counter.  We manufacture a lot of logo bar stools.  Many of those logo bar stools end up in front of parts counters for the automotive, electical, and HVAC industries.

Our bar stools are commercial bar stools and geared towards restaurants and bars.  I would guess that most of our bar stools end up becoming restaurant bar stools or hotel bar stools.  Only recently have individual home owners realized the superiority of buying commercial bar stools for the home.  Our bar stools are very affordable and built to last in a restuarant as a restuarant furniture.  Of course they are going to last in your home.  Most home bar stools and kitchen bar stools these days are not made of the highest quality materials.  They use a thin guage metal and cheap welds.  Our metal bar stools are top quality commercial bar stools with commercial bar stool components.

Now what if someone is using the bar stool in a bowling alley as a bowling alley bar stool?  I guess it could end up as a counter stool or a bar stool depending on where in the bowling alley its placed.  Most of our bowling alley bar stools end up at the bar as bar furniture.  Sometimes, bowling alleys use 24 inch bar stools instead of the hard plastic chairs that we are so used to seeing.

When selecting restaurant furniture, it is not as important to know whether you need a bar stool or a counter stool.  What is important is knowing the height of the barstool that you require.  Most standard bars are 42 inches.  If you built your bar this height, you are in luck.  You should be able to buy standard bar furniture from almost any commercial furniture dealer.  If you built your bar a little high or a little low, you will hopefully still get by with a standard 30 inch bar stool.  30 inch bar stools are by far the most common height.  Parts counter bar stools are usually 30 inches tall.  Restaurant bar stools are usually 30 inches tall.  30" bar stools are the correct height for a high boy table or pub table.

If you built a 36 inch bar or have a 36 inch breakfast bar, you are still in luck.  We carry many of our most popular bar stools in 24 inch height as well.  24 inch bar stools or 24 inch counter stools are the perfect height to be used as kitchen counter stools, garage bar stools, kitchen counter stools, or general kitchen bar stools.

If you are a sports fan, hopefully you prefer 30 inch bar stools.  Our NFL bar stools, MLB bar stools, NBA bar stools, NASCAR bar stools, and NCAA bar stools only come as 30" bar stools.  If it was our choice, we would offer them in lots of different heights.  Although some application might work better with a 24" bar stool, our team logo bar stools are so cool, that you might decide to go with the 30" bar stool.

Another question I get a lot is whether bar stool is "barstool" or "bar stool"?  I looked it up in the dictionary and it says that barstool is the correct spelling.  When I look it up on google, it tells me that bar stool is much more searched than barstool.  In fact bar stools, the plural form, is actually the most searched bar stool word.  So I guess if barstool is actually the correct spelling, the genral population doesn't realize it.  I went with a variety of bar stool and bar stools on my site since I figured either way should be fine.

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